Call Of Duty Black Ops III v100. + All Languages-Vorii

I USE Ezz Launcher/Emu !!!

/!\ Steam must be closed to launch the game /!\

This release does not include Zombies Chronicles DLC but it contains the DLCs Maps

Important Notes :

The version of the game when launched with Steam is v100. but the version when launched with Ezz Launcher is v100., I concidere that the “cracked” version I provide is v100.


/!\ No language is applied by default /!\

The game has a folder called “_Language Pack”. Open it, open your language folder, then copy and paste the contents of the folder into your game folder, then launch it!

if for any reason you wish to use another language, remember to keep the “localization.txt” file.

If you’ve deleted the language pack and no longer have access, you can translate a “localization.txt” file yourself (be careful not to translate files in all uppercase letters).


When your language is applied, go back to the BOIII file and run FirstTime.bat, it’s a little .bat I created that will move the boiii folder into your AppData/Local folder (if you want to do it yourself, just open the boiii folder and copy the folder inside your AppData/Local).


To change your nickname go to AppData\Localboiii\user\properties.json


And finally, when you launch your game you will get an error saying that you are open and you must own the game, just click on OK and the game will launch anyway.


Download Link : HERE

N/A does not mean the Link is Down, is not supported by some Hosts!

Credits to : Biiiiiig thanks to machine4578 who created a crack for me that allowed me to create this release ! Thanks to Ezz for Game Launcher/Emu ! Thanks to GameBounty Owner and a friend for helping me to test the game is guaranteed to work !

A little credit to RUNE too, because I “stole” your music, but I love it