Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition (v1. / HF + All DLCs) – [Tiny Repack]

TITLE: Fallout 4 GENRE: RPG DEVELOPER: Bethesda Game Studios PUBLISHER: Bethesda Softworks FRANCHISE: Fallout RELEASE DATE: 10 Nov, 2015 ABOUT THIS GAME Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, welcome you to the world of Fallout 4 – their most ambitious game ever, and the next generation of open-world gaming. As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home. Key Features: Freedom and Liberty! Do whatever you want in a massive open world with hundreds of locations, characters, and quests. Join multiple factions vying for power or go it alone, the choices are all yours. You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L! Be whoever you want with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. character system. From a Power Armored soldier to the charismatic smooth talker, you can choose from hundreds of Perks and develop your own playstyle. Super Deluxe Pixels! An all-new next generation graphics and lighting engine brings to life the world of Fallout like never before. From the blasted forests of the Commonwealth to the ruins of Boston, every location is packed with dynamic detail. Violence and V.A.T.S.! Intense first or third person combat can also be slowed down with the new dynamic Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S) that lets you choose your attacks and enjoy cinematic carnage. Collect and Build! Collect, upgrade, and build thousands of items in the most advanced crafting system ever. Weapons, armor, chemicals, and food are just the beginning – you can even build and manage entire settlements.

Repack Features

Based on CS Steam-Release Multiple cracks included thanks to Christsnatcher Game Version: v1. / HF DLC Fallout 4 – Automatron Fallout 4 – Contraptions Workshop Fallout 4 – Far Harbor Fallout 4 – Nuka-World Fallout 4 – Vault-Tec Workshop Fallout 4 – Wasteland Workshop Fallout 4 – Creation Club Language : English Nothing is cut / Nothing is recoded Game archives are not opened Repack Size : 22.5 GB HDD after installation : 36 GB Installation time takes: 15 mins Repack by MR Tiny

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Ultimate Spider-Man – [Tiny Repack]

Year of release: 2005
Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Beenox Studios
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PC

Having got rid of the cinematic heritage and based on the comic strip of the same name, our hero magically rejuvenated. He is 16 again, he regularly attends high school, and his old camera has been replaced by the more relevant profession of a web designer. And the first love of an emergency (codename of Spider-Man, remember?), To everyone’s relief, no longer resembles a dinosaur. The progress of graphic technologies, so to speak, is evident. The publisher’s PR department insists that the game uses some kind of mysterious “3D Comic Inking Technology (™)”, although we suspect that the fancy name hides the usual cell-shading. In any case, it turned out amazing: what is happening on the screen looks like a comic book coming to life. The necessary attributes are present: “drawn” characters, an action jumping from panel to panel, characteristic sounds, lined with arshin letters all over 1024×768, and, of course, flat jokes of Peter. Moreover, the quality of the emergency humor has improved markedly over the years.

Repack features

Interface Language: English
Repack Size: 835 MB
HDD space after installation: 2 GB
Install Time: 10 seconds
Repack by MR Tiny

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (v1.1.2 + Pre-order DLCs + Win 7 Fix + MULTi14) (From 27.6 GB) – [Tiny Repack]

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Release date : November 10, 2020 Genre : Action / RPG / Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person Developer : Ubisoft Montreal Publisher : Ubisoft Interface language : MULTi14 Voice language : MULTi8 Game version : v1.1.2 Crack: (EMPRESS / Mr_Goldberg)

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : Minimum system requirements: – Requires 64-bit processor and operating system – OS: Windows 7/8/10 – Processor: AMD Ryzen R3 1200 / Intel Core i5-4460 – RAM: 8 GB of RAM – Video card: AMD Radeon R9 380 / nVidia GeForce GTX 960 – Disk space: 75 GB

GAME DESCRIPTION : Play as a Viking named Eivor, who has been trained since childhood to become a fearless warrior. Lead your clan out of lifeless, icy Norway to find a new home in the fertile lands of IX century England. You must establish a village and rein in this rebellious land by any means necessary to secure your place in Valhalla.

In those days, England was a multitude of warring kingdoms. The lands, where real chaos reigns, are waiting for a new ruler to conquer them. Perhaps you will be?

Features of the game: CREATE YOUR OWN VIKING SAGA Carve your own path through the lands of England with detailed RPG mechanics. Engage in fierce battles, raid and strategize as you team up with your allies to win. Every choice made, both in conversation and in battle, is another step on the path to greatness. RAISE RACES Lead fast-paced assaults on Saxon troops and fortresses. Take resources from enemy lands for your clan and expand your influence far beyond the boundaries of your growing village. PARTICIPATE IN REALISTIC BATTLES Master the uncompromising Viking fighting technique and fight using a shield or squeezing an ax or sword in each hand. Spread arrows on enemies, eliminate them with a hidden blade, or chop off heads in close combat. DEVELOP YOUR VILLAGE Your clan’s new home develops along with your character’s history. Change the look of the village by erecting buildings that can be improved. Unlock new opportunities and missions by building a barracks, a forge, a tattoo workshop, and more. SHARE THE APPEARANCE OF THE CHARACTER

Viking mercenaries will become available to you, the appearance of which was created by other players. Also you can create your own viking and share it with other users. When your character fights in your friends’ play sessions, you can effortlessly earn rewards.


Repack Features

– Based on Assassins.Creed.Valhalla.Repack-EMPRESS Iso Release: emp-acv.iso (58.3 GB) – Missing languages packs (10.9 GB) added – For windows 7 or 8.1 users, copy contents of ” Win7-8.1 ” to game directory – Game Version :v1.1.2 – Language : Multi14 – Repack Size : From 27.6 GB – Game Size after install : up to 75 GB – Lossless repack , Nothing removed OR  re-encoded – Install Time : 60 – 150  mins (Based on your PC & Selected Items) – Language can be changed in game settings menu – you can skip downloading and installing Languages packs you don’t need – pre-order DLCs is included, but not activated, they will be activated after completing some missions in the story campaign Repack By MR Tiny

A Short Hike (v1.7.8 + MULTi3) – [Tiny Repack]

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TITLE: A Short Hike
GENRE: Adventure, Indie
DEVELOPER: adamgryu
PUBLISHER: adamgryu
RELEASE DATE: 30 Jul, 2019

Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Follow the marked trails or explore the backcountry as you make your way to the summit. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and take in the world around you.

Key Features

Explore the island any way you like. Choose your own path to follow and see where it leads you. You never know what you might stumble into!
Hike at your own pace — there’s no need to rush to the summit! Take your time fishing along the river banks or swimming by the lakeshore.
Collect hidden treasures to reach new heights. Try taking a dive off the mountain peaks to soar above the forests.
Chat with the other hikers you meet along your route. You might be able to help each other out!

Repack Features

Game Version: v1.7.8
Language: English, French , Spanish – Latin America
Language can be changed in game settings
Repack Size : 178 MB
HDD space after installation: 400 MB
Repack By MR Tiny

A Little to the Left (MULTi11) – [Tiny Repack]

TITLE: A Little to the Left
GENRE: Casual, Indie
DEVELOPER: Max Inferno
PUBLISHER: Secret Mode
FRANCHISE: Secret Mode
RELEASE DATE: 8 Nov, 2022

Sort, stack, and organize household objects into just the right spot in A Little to the Left, a tidy puzzle game with a mischievous cat who likes to shake things up!

– Puzzles hidden among household objects.
– Multiple solutions make for intuitive and satisfying puzzle design.
– A puzzle unique for you every day with The Daily Tidy Delivery.
– Perfect for casual puzzle game fans and those who get a jolt of satisfaction from a well organized space.

Which way should the clock hands point? How to arrange the eggs? Who put so many stickers on this fruit?!? Come enjoy a calming world with an observational puzzle game with surprises around every corner. With charming illustrations and surprising scenarios, A Little to the Left is satisfying and curious with 75+ delightful puzzles to discover. Keep your eye out for a mischievous cat who has an inclination for chaos!

And now introducing to you… The Daily Tidy Delivery! With the Daily Tidy, you’ll get a puzzle delivered EVERY DAY with a variation on one of our favourite puzzles that’s unique to you. You’ll earn fun badges for playing too! If only tidying in real life was this rewarding.


– Over 75+ unique logical puzzles
– Quick-to-solve puzzles make for satisfying game-play
– Intuitive drag and drop controls
– A puzzle unique to you delivered each day with The Daily Tidy Delivery
– Multiple solutions
– Charming illustration
– Atmospheric sound design
– A mischievous (but very cute) cat
– Funny and playful, great for all ages!

Repack Features
– A.Little.to.the.Left-CHRONOS
– Language : MULTi11
– Language can be changed in game settings
– Nothing is cut / Nothing is recoded
– Game archives are not opened
– Repack Size : 564 MB
– HDD after installation : 1 GB
– Installation time takes: Few Seconds
Repack by MR Tiny

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