Omega Crafter | Portable | V0.5.3 | Build 13904449 | Online Supported

->Omega Crafter V0.5.3 [Build 13904449]<-
Based on Ptm Clean Files Steam.
Portable ~ No install.
Archive size: 822MB ~ Once extracted: 1.50GB
• Launch OmegaCrafter.exe in ”Omega Crafter\” to play the game.
• Unsteam V2 & GoldBerg can also be found in the game folder.


If you want to play in Offline Mode apply GoldBerg Emu.

Portable By  Greetings to: FS Repacks Team, DODI, Razor12911.

N/A does not mean the Link is Down, is not supported by some Hosts!

Thanks to Ptm for the Files, emberantz for the Unsteam V2 and GoldBerg for the Emu.


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