1086- Pirates of the asteroid belt (MULTi2) – [DODI Repack]

Year of release : 13 Aug. 2021
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Garden Horse Studio
Publisher : Garden Horse Studio
Platform : PC

Publication type : RePack
Interface language : Russian, English
Voice language: English
Tablet: Present (DOGE)

Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
– OS: Windows 7 x64
– RAM: 8 GB of RAM
– Video card: GeForce GTX 770 or equivalent
– DirectX: Version 11
– Disk space: 5 GB


Pirates of the Asteroid Belt is a sci-fi story-driven role-playing action game. The story is set in 2273 somewhere within the solar system. You’re neither a war hero nor the savior of the humanity, but a captain of a small cargo ship. To travel across the solar system is just a job for you. Unfortunately, cargo transport in the main asteroid belt still remains not only loss-making business, but it is also a dangerous one.

This isn’t going to be a routine trip for you this time. You’ll have to solve puzzles, deal with friendly inhabitants, and fight enemies to escape a space station captured by pirates.

  • Your decisions will affect the course of events and the future of the characters. The game does not have clearly defined good and bad endings. The resolution of the story depends on your actions and choices.
  • About 1,800 dialogue lines.
  • Interactive environment. You can interact with plenty of objects, including locks, consoles, tablets, tools, etc.
  • Many types of weapons and tools to upgrade.
  • Combat requires not only dexterity and rapidity but also tactical skills.

How large is this game?

Full playthrough takes 4-6 hours.

Размер изображения: 1920 x 1080 Размер изображения: 1920 x 1080 Размер изображения: 1920 x 1080

Repack Features

Based on Pirates.of.the.Asteroid.Belt-DOGE ISO Release: wow-pirates.of.the.asteroid.belt.ISO (1.75 GB)
Language : English, Russian
You can change language in game setting menu
Repack Size : 1 GB
Final Size : 5 GB
Lossless repack , Nothing removed OR re-encoded
Install Time : a minute
Repack By DODI


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